Monday, 17 November 2008

Lindsay Lohan at a Nightclub in Paris

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan was doused with flour early Saturday morning by a protester in Paris. Lindsay Lohan’s tan turned noticeably paler tonight after an anti-fur activist showered her with flour at a nightclub in Paris.

Lindsay was on her way into the VIP room on the Champs-Elysées just after 1 a.m. early Saturday when she had an entire bag of flour dumped over her head by a French fur foe who shouted, “Lindsay Lohan—fur hag!” (Source)

This isn’t the first time Lindsay’s found herself covered from head to toe in a messy white substance. It is however the first time it wasn’t done by six dudes in clown suits recreating a Peter North scene.

Sunday, 16 November 2008

Gisele Bundchen's Sexy in Elle Magazine

Gisele Bundchen's Sexy in Elle Magazine
The more pics Gisele Bundchen's Sexy in Elle Magazine - Dec' 08
Gisele Bundchen's Sexy in Elle MagazineGisele Bundchen's Sexy in Elle MagazineGisele Bundchen's Sexy in Elle Magazine Gisele Bundchen's Sexy in Elle Magazine

Saturday, 15 November 2008

Justin Gaston at The CMT say Miley Cyrus is Just Friend

Justin Gaston
A few nights ago at the CMT awards Justin Gaston told reporters Miley Cyrus is just a “family friend.” Hm. I guess her demanding ways were too much afterall. We called it! So does this mean they’re just living together as roommates? Or has she been forced to stay in her My Little Pony childhood room? There’s absolutely nothing worse than a red carpet break-up memo.

Justin said this when asked about his affiliation with the Miley:

“She’s beautiful, especially in person. Maybe I’ll meet her.”Oh, just family friend, you know. I met Billy Ray on the show and just became friends with the whole family. And they’re such a great family. I moved (to LA) two years ago and started a modeling career and that’s kind of just to break into the music business and everything.”

Justin GastonJustin Gaston

Lindsay Lohan with Samantha Ronson Party In Paris

Lindsay Lohan
Lindsay Lohan was making the European party rounds with lady love Samantha Ronson when a Parisian PETA fur activist dumped flour all over her when she entered the V.I.P. room at Paris hot spot Champs-Elysées.

The PETA activist cried, “Fur Hag” and even more hilarious, earlier this year when Lindsay was named PETA’s worst annual dressed list, the write-up said this:

“I Know Who Killed Me isn’t just the title of Lindsay Lohan’s latest bomb, it’s the cry of the animals snuffed out so that this ‘mean girl’ can pose in their pelts. Lindsay, there’s no road to recovery for the foxes who are anally electrocuted so that you can look skanky.”

Oh snap! Is Samantha gonna step to these fools? Chivalry is truly dead if she’s stays in that little safety box spinning records while her main snatch is drenched in flour. Show those PETA suckas what’s up, SamRo!

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