Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Dannii Minogue New Judge With Cheryl Cole.

Dannii Minogue_Cheryl Cole
Australian panellist Dannii Minogue has vowed not only will she get on with her new colleague Cheryl Cole - she'll also feed up the petite star. Dannii Minogue has pledged to feed up new judge Cheryl Cole.

The 36-year-old is happy the Girls Aloud star has replaced former judge Sharon Osbourne, 55, with whom she had a series of clashes.

Dannii says she feels sorry for new judge 25-year-old Cheryl after marital problems with husband Ashley Cole who was reported to have cheated on her.

She told The Sun newspaper: 'I wouldn't wish what Cheryl's been through on anybody. It must just be awful. It's physically obvious, it's been a tough time for her. I'll try to feed her up.

She continued: 'Cheryl's tiny. Mind you, Ashley came to auditions on her birthday and he's not tall. They're in proportion.'
Dannii Minogue_Cheryl ColeDannii Minogue_Cheryl Cole


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